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What Size System For Me?

There is no straightforward answer to the question “what size solar system should I install?”. There are a number of factors that make up the answer:

Roof space

Some people are limited to the solar power system size they can install by their available roof space.


City to Surf Solar+ understand that not everyone has an unlimited budget when it comes to installing solar power. We listen to you and work closely with you to find a system size that will fit within your budget as well as providing you with the savings you are looking for.

Electricity usage

Before determining the best size system for your household, we look at your electricity bill to understand your usage. The current low feed-in tariff means that we also ask you about your lifestyle and the hours you spend at home during the daylight (solar power producing) hours.


Do you want to cover your whole electricity bill, or are you happy just to halve it? Do you want to be able to cover both your summer consumption and winter consumption? City to Surf Solar+ will design a system to help you achieve your expectations.

Using a combination of the above factors, we will present you with the best options for solar power for your household.

The table below gives you an idea of the output of different sized solar power systems:

System Size kWh/day (year average) kWh/day (January average) kWh/day (June average)
2kW 7.3 10.4 3.7
3kW 11.2 15.6 5.6
4kW 14.9 20.8 7.5
5kW 18.5 26 9.4

Many people also want to know the likely savings from their solar power system and the payback period. Using specialised software, City to Surf Solar+ create a personalised financial report outlining both savings and payback periods. If you would like find out the savings YOU can make with a solar power system, please fill in the following details and we will email you an individualised financial report*:

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*City to Surf Solar+ will only use your information to prepare the report. We will not use your details to send you any future marketing.

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