Taylor Group solar install


PV Solar System

Energy Efficiency

KW Installed 200


Sunpower P3 Series

Sungrow CX110 Inverter


Taylor Group

Completion Date: September 2021

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The challenge

The Taylor Group, which owns the Torquay and Grovedale Hotels, were looking to reduce their energy costs and proactively shift their energy usage into the next generation of business — being cleaner and greener. As a small business with many areas of operation, including a hotel, restaurant and bar, drive-through bottle shop, sports bar, TAB and gaming room, the business’s locations operate 20 hours a day. That’s a lot of energy. Further, experiencing the volatility of the power market, the business needed a solution that provided more stable and affordable energy prices now and into the future.

Our solution

Not only did the solution need to reduce The Taylor Group’s power bills, but it needed to stack up financially in the long term by being able to pay itself off. The City to Surf Solar team designed the system, organised access to and secured the relevant government rebates, and managed installation. Our goal was to make everything as simple as possible and complete installation without interrupting the business.

The result

City to Surf Solar managed the design and delivery of the solar install, opting for a Sunpower P3 Series and Sungrow CX110 Inverter. With this $100,000 system in place, the Taylor Group have reduced their power bill, and the system will pay itself off in six years. The hotels are already saving on energy costs and minimising their environmental footprint, which aligns with their commitment to operating more sustainably.

Customer Feedback

“We’re really happy with City to Surf Solar. Everything was managed for us, from system design to installation, and the team looked after all of the government rebates. Installation was smooth, and we’re happy to have a system that will not only help us move into a greener future of business but something that will pay for itself in the next six years. If I decide to install solar at another one of our locations, the City to Surf Solar team will be my first call.”

Joel Taylor

General Manager – Taylor Group

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