Energy storage solutions

Whether it be to go off-grid, provide power during electricity outages, to store excess electricity generated by your solar system so you can charge your EV, or perhaps you wish to join a Virtual Power Plant.


Out of the box solutions for challenging problems.

Energy storage solutions offer the opportunity to really take control of your energy needs.

By allowing excess electricity that you generate to be stored rather than fed back into the grid (or simply not generated at all) these storage solutions are then primed ready to dispatch this energy, instantly, when you need it most.

Whether it be to power your home, protect your business, or ensure ongoing production in the event of a grid outage, our storage solutions are tailored to offer the right solution to your problem.


Uninterruptable power

Do you know that sinking feeling when the lights flicker, your production stops and your know that  your team will spend the next 90 minutes trying to get your plant back online and your production back on track ?

The cost of poor grid stability cannot be understated.  Whether its IT, control, or whole of operation, our team can provide you with an industrial grade energy storage solution that will meet your requirements.



For most people, going “off-grid” is a choice but for many of our customers it is simply one of economics and practicality.

Whether you are powering a remote operation, farm, or dwelling, the cost of diesel for prime power generation has become probiitively expensive.

Talk to us now about how we can help you turn your diesel generators and pumps off, forever.


Excess Generation

Do you generate more power from your solar than you can use or sell back to the grid – or could you install  more solar, but for this issue?

Energy storage systems allow you to store your excess production so that it can be consumed at a time convenient to you, rather than the sun!.

Our team can advise on the available options, and the best configuration to ensure that you receive the best outcome from your chosen solution.

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17.4kw solar install in Anglesea, Victoria

City to Surf Solar designed a solution that involved installing 40 solar panels on the curved, flat roof surface. We installed a 17.4kW SunPower Maxeon 6 system with factory integrated Enphase Inverter and SunGrow Battery Module.

How do we do it

We use state of the art technology

Looking to store your electrical output?

Our team will be able to provide you with information on the best solution for your specific circumstances using best of breed solutions coupled with our extensive knowledge of consumer, commercial and industrial electrical systems.

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