17.4kw solar install in Anglesea, Victoria


PV Solar System

Battery Storage

Energy Efficiency

17.4KW Solar System


Panel Sunpower Max 6

Factory Integrated Enphase Inverter

Sungrow Module Battery


Graham Dodds

Completion Date: March 2023

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The challenge

Graham Dodds faced a unique challenge with his architect-designed home in Anglesea, Victoria. The house, constructed a decade ago, was originally equipped with the largest solar array that was legally permissible at the time. But that system had reached its limits, and Graham realised the need for increased solar generation capacity.

The challenge lay in finding a way to expand the solar and battery capacity in an architecturally sympathetic manner. The property had two-phase power, requiring the installation of two separate battery systems. Given the custom design of the house, there was no space to install the batteries inside.

The building’s unique architecture, with two interlocking semi-circles and a complex roof shape, further complicated the installation. The curved and flat roof surface posed challenges with securely installing panels, especially considering the coastal location and associated wind loadings.

The requirement to avoid any penetrations in the metal roof due to the marine environment also called for innovative solutions.

Graham required a solar and battery installation that would not only meet his energy needs but also maintain the aesthetic and structural integrity of his architecturally designed home. He sought an installation partner with the technical depth and expertise to address these challenges.

Our solution

After thorough research and discussions with potential installers, Graham chose City to Surf Solar as the provider to meet his unique requirements. Our team at City to Surf Solar demonstrated the expertise necessary for this bespoke installation.

The project involved careful planning and multiple visits from our team to finalise the design. We had to account for the placement of inverters, batteries, and the routing of cabling throughout the house.

We overcame the architectural and environmental challenges by designing a solution that involved installing 40 solar panels on the curved, flat roof surface. We installed a 17.4kW SunPower Maxeon 6 system with factory integrated Enphase Inverter and SunGrow Battery Module.

The batteries needed to be installed externally, in custom-built house, and connected through conduits that run beneath the home’s foundation and connect to the solar panels on the roof.

To ensure there were no penetrations in the metal roof, we used compression type fittings on the ribbing of the metal.

One key feature of the solution was the convenient app that lets Graham know how much power is being generated, consumed, and fed back to the grid at any time. The app includes the ability to monitor the performance of individual solar panels, providing Graham with valuable insights into the system’s efficiency.

The result

The project completed in March 2023. The solar and battery system now operates as designed, efficiently meeting the energy needs of Graham’s home, which includes an electrically driven geothermal heating system. The solution has been effective in generating power and supporting the household’s energy requirements.

Despite the project’s complexities, the installation was executed successfully, and the house is on its way to achieving grid independence. The combination of expanded solar capacity and additional battery storage ensures reliable and sustainable energy for the household.

Customer Feedback

“City of Surf Solar did a great job. This was a very challenging install. It involved great care and attention, particularly to some of the excavation works. So it’s been quite impressive, the amount of power that’s generated and how the battery systems have worked. I feel confident as we approach our first summer with the system that we should be grid independent.”

Graham Dodds

Happy customer

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