Industrial solar and storage solutions

The application of PV and storage in an industrial context allows problems that were traditionally solved with expensive upgrades, or diesel, to be solved for a fraction of the cost, while remaining environmentally friendly

Financial Savings

Save big on you electricity bills with immediate cost reductions.

Energy Independence

Embrace energy independence by adopting renewable energy sources.


For businesses who want to show a commitment to the environment or to meet sustainability targets.

Future Proof

We go to extreme lengths to ensure our systems provide you with worry-free, trouble-free energy for years to come.

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Commercial case studies

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Taylor Group solar install

The Taylor Group, which owns the Torquay and Grovedale Hotels, were looking to reduce their energy costs and proactively shift their energy usage into the next generation of business — being cleaner and greener.


Industrial power challenges - solved

Industrial power challenges due to changes in demand, new plant and equipment, or new locations and market are traditionally difficult to solve and challenging (costly) to implement.

With the advent of industrial grade solar and storage solutions you may be able to set aside your planned supply upgrade, and ditch diesel forever. 


Supply Capacity Augmentation

Do you have a requirement for a higher capacity supply to service short duration loads?

Perhaps your supply is single phase, but your requirement is three phase.

Combining your existing supply with storage and solar can provide you with the power you need, where you need it, without a supply upgrade.


Remote Pump Operations

Whether its lifting from a river, relifting from a dam or providing pressure boost across a pipeline, the second most expensive cost of water is the electricity to move it around.  

Our team can design solutions to augment, and in some cases completely replace the use of diesel generators / pumps for irrigation and other pumping challenges.


Carbon Neutrality

Are your customers asking you what you are doing about carbon neutrality? 

Is your response to talk around the issue then privately lament your rising electricity and diesel costs? 

We can provide solutions that help your business answer this question with pride and conviction talk to us now about delivering a cohesive carbon neutrality program for your business.

How do we do it

We use state of the art technology

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