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Exploring the solar system with solar panels

Whether you’re thinking about making the shift to solar power or just interested in exploring the solar system, Mildura’s reputable approved solar retailer offers top-of-the-line solar panels, specifically designed to meet your home or business's unique energy needs.

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Price and installation process

You may be surprised when you look beyond your power bill and realise how much your use of energy is actually costing you.

Embrace energy independence using solar

Break free from the shackles of your power provider.  Energy independence is achievable today.


Our view:  We broke it – we need to fix it.  For our children, and theirs.


Technology in this space is constantly evolving,  hydrogen batteries, microgrids, virtual power plants all may provide value to you

Our markets

Solar power for discerning people


Are you looking for solutions that don’t detract from the aesthetics of your home? Ask our solar installation specialists how.


Are you losing opportunities because of your carbon footprint? Are you resigned to your $200,000 per annum power bill? Do small power outages endanger lives or cost you thousands in lost revenue or production?


The creative use of solar and storage can reduce the need for prime generators, eliminate the need for expensive supply upgrades, saving you money while saving your environment.

What we do

We don't just install solar, we solve problems.

Embedded Generation Systems

We understand how to bring different power systems (including solar pv, on-grid solar, off-grid solar, standby generators) together to deliver your desired outcome.

Storage Solutions

Energy storage is not just about saving money on your power bill.  If your issue is grid stability you may be losing money simply by not having power at all, be it for 5 seconds, or 5 hours.

Service (Maintenance & Monitoring)

Proactive and reactive maintenance ensures that your investment adds value for years to come.

Case Studies

Instead of telling you – why not just show you ?

Our Customers can tell our story far better than we can. Here are their journeys.

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17.4kw solar install in Anglesea, Victoria

City to Surf Solar designed a solution that involved installing 40 solar panels on the curved, flat roof surface. We installed a 17.4kW SunPower Maxeon 6 system with factory integrated Enphase Inverter and SunGrow Battery Module.

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30kw solar install for Ceres Distilling Co

Ceres Distilling Co is a craft vodka and gin distillery in Geelong. City to Surf Solar installed a 30kW solar system on the roof of the distillery, the system included 78 SunPower Performance Panels, and a Sungrow 30kW inverter.

Government Rebates

Victoria Solar Rebates

Helping Victorians save on their energy bills, tackle climate change and build a cleaner, renewable future.

Small business rebate

Save up to $3,500 when you install solar for your business.* Limited number of rebates avaliable.

Solar battery rebate

Eligible households can claim a discount on the cost of a solar battery, up to a maximum rebate of $3,500.

Our locations

Servicing Victoria, New South Wales and South East Queensland


Geelong has been City to Surf’s home for over 15 years servicing thousands of customers in Victoria’s west and south west. From Melbourne to Warnabool and beyond (including Bendigo, Ballarat, Torquay, Lorne and Apollo Bay).


Co-located with our sister company, Foreman-Sheean, we service the Sunraysia region,  the Riverland and Central and Western New South Wales (including Renmark, Broken Hill, Robinvale and Swan Hill). Enquire about Mildura solar today.

South East Queensland

With coverage from Northern New South Wales to Gympie, and west to Toowoomba, our experienced installation team has over 15 years of experience deploying solutions on some of the most recognisable properties in SEQ.


Frequently Asked Questions

A: Most locations in Mildura are suitable for solar panels because of the region’s abundant sunlight. However, we recommend a site assessment to determine the optimal system size and placement based on your specific location, shading, and energy needs.

A: Switching to solar energy offers numerous benefits, including reduced electricity bills, a lower carbon footprint, potential government incentives, increased property value, and energy independence. Our team can provide a detailed analysis of how solar can benefit you.

A: The cost of a solar panel system can vary based on factors like system size, brand, and installation requirements. We offer customized quotes after evaluating your unique needs during a free consultation. Many customers find that the long-term savings outweigh the upfront investment.

A: The payback period depends on several factors, including your energy consumption, system size, and electricity rates. On average, many customers in Mildura see a payback period of 3 to 6 years, after which they enjoy free electricity from their solar panels.

A: Yes, we can provide information on available financing options and government incentives in Mildura. These may include rebates, tax credits, and feed-in tariffs, which can significantly reduce the cost of your solar installation.

A: Yes, solar is still worth it in Victoria. Victoria receives a substantial amount of sunlight throughout the year, making it an excellent location for solar panel installations. Solar energy can significantly reduce your electricity bills, help you reduce your carbon footprint, and offer a solid return on investment over the long term. Additionally, government incentives and rebates in Victoria can make solar installations even more financially attractive.

A: The “best” solar panels can vary depending on your specific needs and budget. Some well-known and reputable solar panel manufacturers include SunPower, Sungrow, Enphase, and Fronius. These companies produce high-efficiency solar panels that are known for their durability and performance. It’s essential to consider factors like efficiency, warranty, and cost when determining the best panels for your situation. City to Surf Solar installer can help you choose the most suitable panels based on your specific requirements.

How do we do it

The best people, and the best partners.

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