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PV Solar System

Energy Efficiency

6.08kW AC System


Sunpower Panels

Enphase Micro Inverter


Penny Altman

Completion Date: September 2022

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The challenge

As a lighting specialist for Bluelab Design, Penny Altman helps engineers design six-star energy rated commercial buildings across Australia. Understanding the importance of renewable power, Penny wanted to lower her home energy costs and reduce her impact on the environment by installing a solar solution.

Penny’s large family home is set on a sloping block, with cathedral ceilings and a pitched Colourbond roof. When she began to investigate solar panels, she wasn’t sure who to trust. The initial quotes Penny received were excessively high, with installers raising concerns about the large gum trees surrounding her property. And Penny’s mother had previously suffered a poor experience with a solar installation, resulting in a leaking roof.

Fortunately, Penny contacted City to Surf Solar. Our solutions specialist, Raj Nawaratna, responded quickly with a comprehensive quote that was well within Penny’s budget.

Our solution

We installed sixteen 380W SunPower panels on the north-facing sides of Penny’s house, for a total capacity of 6.08kW. Enphase microinverters were included to preserve the system during the periods of the day when the panels are shaded by gum trees.

City to Surf Solar managed the entire process, including Penny’s application for a government rebate. We also provided a diagram of the ceiling configuration, and the anticipated results from our solution.

In addition, we provided a convenient app that lets Penny know how much power is being generated, consumed, and fed back to the grid.

The result

Penny was delighted with the outcome. Shortly after the installation, Victoria experienced some of its worst weather in years. Despite weeks of heavy rain and wind, there were no leaks or issues of any kind.

Penny has adapted her usage patterns to benefit from free energy during daylight hours while the panels are generating power. She now uses very little energy at night. She also plans to install a NiMH battery in the future to store the excess power generated during the day.

Customer Feedback

“Other companies said the trees surrounding our property would be an issue, but it was no problem for City to Surf Solar. The staff were friendly, respectful, and hard working. I really enjoy using the Enphase app to see how much power we’re generating, and the best feeling for me is knowing our home is supplying clean energy back to the grid.”

Penny Altman

Happy customer

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