PV Solar System

Energy Efficiency

KW Installed 7.02


Trina 390W Panels

Fronius Primo Inverter


Paul Newton

Completion Date: February 2022

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The challenge

Paul Newman’s house is home to five family members, so rising electricity bills had been concerning him for a while. He wanted to reduce his family’s energy costs by using a company that could manage the entire process, from design to connection. Valuing the ethos and community spirit of a local business, Paul chose City to Surf Solar to manage his solar system design and installation due to the company’s proven track record in the consumer solar space.

Our solution

Stock issues were a challenge at the start of this project. However, City to Surf Solar completed the project on time by providing a higher kilowatt system that was already in stock. City to Surf Solar designed and installed a 7.02 kW system with 18 Trina 390W panels and a Fronius Primo 8kW inverter. The panels were mounted west facing with no additional tilt.

The result

City to Surf Solar successfully installed Paul’s solar system without any problems on-site. The system is already providing Paul with a significant reduction in his family’s energy costs. This reduction in energy costs is being delivered through an estimated annual production of 9,642kWh. Since the installation of the system, Paul has at least halved his family’s energy bills within the first few months, equating to an average daily cost of $1.35 — a great result for a family home.

Customer Feedback

“We’re happy with City to Surf Solar’s service. Not only did they manage everything from design and installation to connection, but the team addressed equipment shortages by providing us with larger panels and a bigger inverter. We’re grateful to City to Surf Solar for their excellent service and commitment to delivering our solar install on time. I recommend City to Surf Solar to anyone looking to save on their residential energy costs.”

Paul Newton

Happy customer

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