PV Solar System

Energy Efficiency

KW Installed 7.02


Trina 390W Panels

Fronius Primo Inverter


Nick Greig

Completion Date: February 2022

The challenge

A local community member, Nick Greig, was looking to save on his high residential electricity costs with City to Surf Solar’s solutions. At the time of commencing the project, equipment shortages meant Nick couldn’t get his originally specified system — a 5kW inverter with 370W panels. To deliver the project on time, City to Surf Solar provided the customer with larger panels and a bigger inverter, which will also deliver higher energy cost savings over time.

Our solution

City to Surf Solar designed, installed and connected a 7.02 kW system with 18 Trina 390W panels and a Fronius Primo 8kW inverter. The panels were mounted west and North facing with no additional tilt, providing maximum opportunities to generate and store solar energy to deliver the highest cost savings possible. With this system installed, the customer started enjoying the benefits of solar energy quickly, including significant energy savings and a system that will generate greater benefits the longer it operates.

The result

City to Surf Solar installed Nick’s 7.02kW system without any on-site problems or interruptions, and he’s now enjoying a significant reduction in energy costs. With an estimated annual production of 9,480 kWh, the system will deliver annual savings of around $1,100. Not only is Nick enjoying these cost savings, but they are generating and consuming energy for their home that doesn’t need to be supplied from the main grid, reducing energy burdens and contributing to greener and cleaner energy use.

Customer Feedback

“Our solar installation with City to Surf Solar was seamless. The team diligently worked with us every step of the way from design to connection, making sure we understood everything and ensuring our chosen solution would deliver meaningful cost savings for our home. Despite some initial challenges with equipment shortages, the team managed this professionally and quickly by providing larger panels and a larger inverter. I highly recommend City to Surf Solar to other local families looking to save on their energy costs.”

Nick Greig

Happy customer

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