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Solar Inverters

Solar power inverters are needed to convert DC solar power into AC power for use in your residential or commercial property. City to Surf Solar+ use only the highest quality solar inverters.


  • SMA is the world’s largest producer of solar power inverters;
  • Intelligent system manager, responsible for yield monitoring and grid management;SMA SB
  • The most widely used inverters in the SMA range are the ‘Sunny Boy’ inverters;
  • Manufactured in Germany;
  • Bluetooth compatability for data monitoring on your PC;
  • 5 year warranty extendable to 25 years.



Award-winning inverters with inbuilt data monitoring.


Enphase micro inverter

Enphase Micro Inverters

  • Data monitoring of performance of each individual module;
  • Allows splitting of array on different orientations;
  • Designed lifetime of over 25 years to match modules;
  • 10 year warranty.

City to Surf Solar+ provide solar panel installation, solar system maintenance and power monitoring. Please contact us for more information about our services.

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