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Is Your Solar System Putting Your Property or Business at Risk?

Energy Safe Victoria is reminding Victorians using PV solar systems to have them serviced every two years, following a year on year increase in solar related fires.

What are the risks?

The current Australian Standards present a significant fire risk with rooftop solar systems, endangering properties and individuals. Approximately 10% of all house fires in Australia can be attributed to these systems, as the standards lag behind global best practices by over 8 years. Data from certain states’ Fire and Rescue departments reveals a worrying trend, with a yearly increase of 150% in fire incidents directly linked to rooftop solar systems since 2019. Urgent action is required to update Australian Standards and prioritise safety in the design, installation, and maintenance of these systems.

What’s the cause?

In early 2023, fires involving older solar power systems emphasized the need for regular inspections and servicing, as noted by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV). Faulty DC isolators were identified as the main cause. Although rooftop DC isolators were once mandatory for safety, recent regulations no longer require them under specific conditions.

Despite these changes, many rooftop DC isolators remain in use. It’s important to mention that properly installed, high-quality DC isolators are safe but require regular maintenance and inspection. Components like DC isolators and inverters, not solar panels themselves, are responsible for most solar-related fires.

To address these concerns, an amendment to the DC isolator standard (AS/NZS 5033:2014) was introduced on June 28, 2019. This amendment improves product datasheets and ensures isolators can withstand Australia’s challenging climate. Notably, this change came after over 2 million solar power systems were already installed across the country.

These developments emphasize the ongoing importance of regular inspections, proper installation, and high-quality components to mitigate fire risks in solar power systems.

How can I mitigate the potential risk for fire?

Routine Inspections: City to Surf Solar offers regular inspections by certified professionals to assess the condition of your solar system. Our experts identify any potential issues, such as faulty wiring, loose connections, or damaged components, ensuring proactive maintenance to prevent fire hazards.

Monitoring System Performance: City to Surf Solar offers optional system monitoring tools to customers. With our monitoring services, we closely monitor your solar system, quickly detecting any irregularities or anomalies that may indicate underlying issues. Our proactive approach allows us to take timely action to mitigate risks and ensure optimal system performance.

Professional Installation: Entrust the installation of your solar system to City to Surf Solar, a qualified and experienced solar company that adheres to industry best practices and local regulations. Our team of experts ensures proper installation, prioritising system safety.

Quality Components: City to Surf Solar sources high-quality solar panels, inverters, and components from reputable manufacturers. We prioritise the use of reliable and genuine components to minimise the risk of malfunctions and potential fire hazards.

Compliance with Standards: Rest assured that your solar system from City to Surf Solar meets all relevant safety standards and codes. We strictly adhere to electrical wiring, grounding, and protection measures, prioritising your safety and compliance.

Choose City to Surf Solar, the trusted and qualified solar company, to safeguard your property and loved ones from solar system fire risks. With our expertise, reliable solutions, and commitment to safety, we ensure your solar system operates flawlessly while prioritising your peace of mind.

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