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At City To Surf Solar, we are proud to partner with Brighte, a leading provider of residential financing solutions for solar projects. Brighte is dedicated to empowering homeowners by offering flexible and affordable options to make the switch to clean energy. With Brighte’s innovative financing solutions, we can make your solar installation journey seamless and financially accessible. Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, save on energy costs, or increase the value of your home, Brighte’s expertise in residential financing ensures that you can achieve your sustainable goals with ease. Discover the benefits of Brighte’s financing options and join the growing community of homeowners embracing solar energy.

At City To Surf Solar, we are delighted to partner with Smart Ease, a trusted provider of financing solutions for commercial and industrial solar projects. Smart Ease specialises in empowering businesses to embrace renewable energy by offering tailored financial options that meet their unique needs. With Smart Ease’s expertise in commercial and industrial financing, we can help your organization unlock the benefits of solar energy, including reduced operational costs, improved sustainability, and enhanced brand reputation. From small businesses to large enterprises, Smart Ease’s comprehensive solutions and flexible terms ensure a seamless transition to solar power. Explore the possibilities of financing your commercial or industrial solar installation with Smart Ease and embark on a greener future for your business.

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17.4kw solar install in Anglesea, Victoria

City to Surf Solar designed a solution that involved installing 40 solar panels on the curved, flat roof surface. We installed a 17.4kW SunPower Maxeon 6 system with factory integrated Enphase Inverter and SunGrow Battery Module.

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