City of Geelong Bowls Club


PV Solar System

Energy Efficiency

KW Installed 100


Sunpower P3 Series and

Fronius Eco Inverters


City of Geelong Bowls Club

Completion Date: April 2021

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The challenge

The City of Geelong Bowls club were looking to reduce their electricity costs and carbon footprint. With a bistro onsite and a playing green with an overhead canopy, the club uses a relatively large amount of electricity. Led by club volunteers, the team researched different solar options and chose City to Surf Solar due to the business’s thorough scoping and project management skills and strong reputation for commercial solar system installations.

Our solution

The solution designed for the City of Geelong Bowls Club not only needed to reduce the club’s electricity costs and carbon footprint, but it also needed to be managed seamlessly to keep the club running as usual. City to Surf Solar designed a 100kWp system, which includes 165 solar panels on the club’s roof. The system uses the Sunpower P3 Series and Fronius Eco Inverters. Once designed and scoped, the City to Surf Solar team managed the project from accessing government rebates to installation and connection. The project was completed without any interruptions to the club and, most importantly, its members.

The result

City to Surf Solar managed the design and delivery of the solar installation, which was staged over three weeks due to the project’s large scope. With this system in place, the City of Geelong Bowls Club has reduced their power bill and carbon footprint. Further, the project management team provided club volunteers with all the information they needed to keep members updated, including projected savings once the system was fed into the grid.

Customer Feedback

“Our solar installation was managed seamlessly by the City to Surf Solar team. It was all organised in a package for us to present to members, and the installation went smoothly without any interruptions. We’re thrilled to have a system that will reduce our electricity costs and our carbon footprint. I highly recommend City to Surf Solar for other organisations looking to install solar with a reliable and thorough team.”

Stephen Sommerton

Volunteer, City of Geelong Bowls Club

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