Benefits of Solar Power

Install solar power to improve your energy efficiency whilst helping to build a sustainable future.

City to Surf Solar+ are Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited designers and installers of photovoltaic grid-connect solar power and off-grid stand alone systems.

If you have ever thought about getting solar power, now is the time to do it. Here are some of the reasons why:

Solar Energy reduces your impact on the environment.

Collecting solar power energy from our sun is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to produce clean electricity. A two kilowatt system will save approximately three tonnes of greenhouse gases a year. Larger systems will save even more.

Size (kW)
per day (1)
Saving % (2)
1 3.74 22 %
1.5 5.68 33.4 %
2 7.19 42.3 %
3 11.20 65.9 %
4 14.90 87.6 %
5 18.88 111.1 %
  1. Output based on optimal installation direction in Melbourne averaged on an annual basis. Performance varies by location.
  2. Savings based on an average daily use of 17 kWh. Check your recent electricity bills for your average daily use.

The Government Solar Credits will save you money.

For more information on Solar Credits please visit our STCs and feed-in tariffs page.

Solar Credits are not means tested.

All households who have not yet had solar power installed are eligible for Solar Credits. This includes businesses and community groups.

Feed-In Tariffs will save you money.

Feed-In Tariffs (FITs) reimburse you for any power your solar electricity system feeds back into the grid. In Victoria, from January 1 2013 you will be paid eight cents/kWh* for excess energy exported back into the grid from your solar power system, on a net metered arrangement. This means that you are paid for the extra electricity your system feeds back into the grid when it generates more power than your home needs.

*Some retailers may offer a Feed-In Tariff greater than eight cents/kWh, so ensure you shop around. Make sure you also compare the price you will pay for electricity consumed, as well as your feed-in tariff. Check your daily supply charge too, as this can vary widely between retailers.

Solar Energy has no ongoing costs and will reduce your energy bills.

Solar power is a renewable resource which will never run out. Once your solar system has been installed and connected, you have no ongoing costs. All you will be required to do is keep the solar panels clean (we offer a scheduled maintenance service if you don’t have the time or resources).

Protect yourself from ongoing and inevitable electricity price rises.

Electricity prices in Victoria have risen by 84 per cent in the five years to June 2012*. If prices continue to rise at this rate, will you be living in the dark in another five years time, too scared to turn on your lights, heating and cooling?

*According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics as reported in The Age newspaper on August 8 2012.

City to Surf Solar+ use only high quality equipment.

We want our customers to produce as much electricity as possible from their solar power systems, so we use only high quality solar panels and inverters. The equipment we use gives you maximum electricity production to have a greater impact on the environment and a greater impact on your power bills.

Read more about how solar power works and our process.



Solar is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways to produce electricity.

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