Why high-quality solar inverters are important for solar homes

Why high-quality solar inverters are important for solar homes

For solar homes in solar inverters are a key part of turning sunshine into sustainable, useable power.

Without them, the system doesn’t work and the opportunity to take advantage of free power from the sun fades away.

With the work this small crucial element in your solar power system performs, it’s well worth making a sensible investment in a high-quality inverter that will perform at an optimum level for years. Don’t go for the cheapest one, because it will be a false economy over time and it will let you down.

Solar inverters convert DC solar power from your photovoltaic solar panel into AC power that you can use in your home to run your appliances and lights.

Many people have saved money on solar inverters when installing solar systems in their homes, only for these cheap inverters to fail them. The result, your power system crashes and you’re in need of another inverter.

So why is this happening? Why do these cheap inverters fail? The answer is they can’t cope with the Australian climate due to their inability to cool themselves down.

At City to Surf Solar, all the solar inverters we supply are quality products from leading solar manufacturers. They all have built-in cooling systems that suit the harsh Australian environment and they are built to last for years.

When we design, supply and install solar power infrastructure including inverters for residential clients, we want the system to stand the test of time. And that’s why all the components we use are reliable, efficient and from respected brands.

We supply inverters from German company SMA, which is the world’s biggest producer of solar inverters. We also carry top quality inverters from Fronius, Zeversolar and Enphase. All are packed with sophisticated technology and come with generous warranties.

Contact our experienced team if you would like to find out more about our solar inverters for Geelong households.