We Manage IT / Host Geek Building

We Manage IT / Host Geek Building

Local Geelong IT companies We Manage IT and Host Geek approached City to Surf Solar+ at the end of 2013 looking for a solution to reduce their electricity bills and their carbon footprint. The ideal scenario was a combination of LED lighting and a solar PV system for their Latrobe Terrace building.

Firstly City to Surf Solar+ carried out a retrofit of the building’s existing halogen down lights, replacing them with energy efficient LED down lights. The LED down lights will reduce electricity consumption by approximately 70-80% compared to the halogen lights. Also with the longer life span (LEDs – 30,000 hours, ¬†halogens – 7,000 hours), the companies can expect to save $$$ on replacement globes, not to mention less waste going to landfill.

After the LED retrofit came the installation of a 5.875kW commercial solar power system. This will have a huge impact on their bills, especially with the amount of electronic/IT equipment both companies have running. WMIT and Host Geek decided to use our leasing option, Energy Smart Finance to fund their system, rather that have any upfront costs. This way the savings that they make on their electricity bills will help to cover the monthly leasing repayments and they will own the system after five years, which is roughly when the system will have paid for itself.

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