Sustainable House Day 2014

Sustainable House Day 2014

Please read the following message from the Geelong Sustainability Group:

Geelong Sustainability Group (GSG) is again coordinating Sustainable House Day (SHD) for the Geelong region in conjunction with the City of Greater Geelong.  We are seeking your help to source suitable houses for this year’s event to be held on Sunday 14th September from 10am-4pm.

Established in 2001 and held annually, SHD is a major national event showcasing some of Australia’s most sustainable homes to the public. SHD gives people the chance to get a real-life look inside houses that have been designed, built or retro-fitted with sustainability in mind.

SHD’s relevance and public support has never been greater as more and more people embrace renewable energy technologies, recycling, and other sustainability practices appropriate to their lifestyles.  Event feedback reinforces how much people enjoy the opportunity to see inspiring ideas and to talk directly with home owners who provide unbiased practical information and insights.

In the Geelong region, support for SHD has been growing steadily. In 2012, the 9 open houses had an estimated 2,500 visitors and last year the 13 open houses had over 3100 visits.

GSG sets up a dedicated event working group to plan and organise this major event.  We will be working with the national organiser (EnviroEvents), the City of Greater Geelong, sustainability experts, local community groups and business sponsors.  We’ll also be assembling a team of volunteers to assist home owners on the day.  Where possible, GSG likes to have an experienced builder, architect/designer or technical consultant on hand to provide expert advice.

GSG is currently seeking expressions of interest for houses for this year’s event.

  • NEW HOUSES – Recently constructed homes with high star ratings ie. over 7 star
  • RENOVATED HOUSES – Homes that have had an environmentally friendly retrofit or extension

We recognise that SHD is a big commitment for any home owner.  Feedback from past participants is that the event is simultaneously intensely rewarding and exhausting.

Please assure potential home owners that GSG provides excellent support before, on and after the event.

The key question for potential SHD participants is – Would they be willing to share their knowledge and experience with interested Geelong residents?

For more SHD information visit GSG’s SHD webpage at: or the new national SHD website at

If you would like to be involved, please call us on 1300 348 847 and we will pass on the organiser’s details.