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Solar Panel Maintenance

Even though a solar power system has no working parts it is important to maintain them to ensure they are always working to their full potential. Powercor, our local distributor, have been in touch with many customers that have had solar power for a while to remind them of their obligations to maintain their systems in compliance with the Electrical Distribution Code (to obtain a full copy of the Electricity Distribution Code, please visit the Essential Services Commission website.

Soiled solar panels will result in a loss of efficiency so now that you have gone to the effort and cost of installing solar panels, make sure you are getting the maximum output from them.

Reasons to clean and maintain your solar panels/modules:

  • Ensure your embedded generator is compliant;
  • Dirt and dust;
  • Bird and animal droppings;
  • Moss and fungus;
  • Saps, pollens and debris from trees;
  • Commercial and industrial residues;
  • Pollution from vehicles/heavy transport;
  • Ocean salt (coastal areas);
  • Pesticides and fertilizer sprays (agricultural areas).

Clean solar panels will:

  • Maintain your investment;
  • Ensure peak performance;
  • Extend the life of your system;
  • Save you money.

Ideally, a clean and maintenance check should be carried out every six-12 months. Other than the fact that very few people are qualified to maintain their own system safely, if the idea of getting on your roof is daunting or you simply do not have the time, please let us be of service to you. We will carry out a thorough maintenance check of all components and wiring of the system including framing, solar panels and inverter and clean down all the panels to ensure they are working at their full capacity.

Contact us if you would like to find out more or if you would like to be added to our bi-annual or annual maintenance schedule – 1300 348 847.

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Our other services include installation and power monitoring for residential and commercial solar.

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