We understand that solar power systems are an investment for our clients and that their solar power system needs to be operating smoothly at all times.

You’ve outlayed the cost, so of course you want to know how much solar energy you are producing and how much it will reduce the cost of your electricity bill. City to Surf Solar+ offer home power monitoring as a service so you can rest assured your household electricity bill is as low as it possibly can be!

One of our goals at City to Surf Solar+ is to help you make your home or business as energy efficient as possible. The main ways we do this is by installing Solar Power and LED lighting but there are also other ways we can help.


An energy monitor will let you know how much electricity your household is consuming at any given time. Having an awareness of your consumption can help you reduce it, as certain appliances may be using a lot more power than you thought. An energy monitor is also a great visual tool to educate children (and teenagers!) about energy use and can help to make them more energy conscious.

The Wattson Solar Plus is only device on the market that monitors electricity consumption and generation on the same unit. It shows the electricity in use in your home at any given time in cost, watts or kg carbon for better visibility of your daily electricity activity.


Rather than the expense of a separate solar air conditioning unit it would be more economical to increase the size of your current solar power system.

Now that there is a shift away from gas to renewables there are a few new products labelled Solar Air Conditioning. Through our own testing, rather than an independent system with a solar component tacked on we have proven that a regular high efficiency air conditioner coupled with solar PV, whether you are seeking to introduce air conditioning or you already have it, incorporating PV to offset or increasing the system size is the most efficient and cost effective counterbalance for that method of cooling or heating.


If your existing electric hot water system is ageing and you are thinking about replacing it, the most energy efficient way to heat your water is with a Sanden Eco Heat Pump hot water system, powered by your PV system. To read more about the many benefits of a Sanden Eco Heat Pump hot water system, please visit the hot water page of our website.

Otherwise, there are a few options available with regard to powering your electric hot water:

  • Off peak – timed by your meter
  • All day – using excessive amounts of electricity
  • Via a timer – giving control of when your water heats up back to you.

If you have solar power you can utilise this to offset your water heating costs by controlling when you heat your water. Maximum control can be obtained through a combination of equipment to increase the benefit of solar power.

This means that through the flick of a switch you can alternate between predetermined periods of day or night time water heating. This takes advantage of spells of prolonged good weather to pay for your water heat so that you don’t have to. You also have the power to switch back to night time heating during times of less than ideal weather.

We also offer grid backup and stand alone solar systems so you are protected against power outages and peak rates at all times.

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