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Solar Power Installer

Solar power has many benefits, including reducing your electricity bills and protecting you against further rises in electricity costs. City to Surf Solar+ install and maintain solar panels and solar power systems for residential, community organisations, school and commercial clients. Find out what size system is best for you and contact us for a free quote.

Our Process

City to Surf Solar+ can offer you an entire systems package to suit your needs, taking care of every step from design, installation and connection to the grid.

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Solar Panels/Modules

At City to Surf Solar+ we ensure that our customers have confidence in knowing that they are backed by a manufacturer with longevity and an excellent reputation.

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Solar power inverters are needed to convert DC solar power into AC power for use in your residential or commercial property.

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City to Surf Solar+ uses Sunlock framing products – highly durable and made from anodised aluminium and stainless steel.

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Even though a solar power system has no working parts it is important to maintain them to ensure they are always working to their full potential.

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Energy Efficiency

We understand that solar power systems are an investment for our clients and that their solar power system needs to be operating smoothly at all times.

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Grid Back Up/Stand Alone

A grid backup system uses batteries to store energy that can be utilised when mains power is not available; where grid connection is expensive, impractical or just not wanted, an independent off-grid system can be installed.

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