Solar grants and initiatives a boost to Geelong homeowners

Solar grants and initiatives a boost to Geelong homeowners

NAB and energy retailer Origin have joined forces to make solar power more affordable to Aussie households, announcing a subsidies plan for customers installing solar power.

At City to Surf Solar, we’re applauding their initiative and hoping that other banks and businesses follow their lead. With quality solar grants Geelong people are able to better afford and embrace this great renewable energy source, reducing their electricity bills and their carbon footprint.

And, of course, our experienced team at City to Surf Solar is here to install your solar system and provide valuable advice and support.

NAB and Origin’s new solar initiative, announced late last year, gives homeowners the ability to put points from the bank’s credit card rewards program towards buying and installing solar panels for their homes.

The scheme:

  • Allows NAB customers to redeem points from their credit card rewards program so they can get a $250 e-voucher from Origin for use in meeting the cost of solar power installation at their residence.
  • Gives participating customers a one-off $500 discount from Origin.
  • Allows Aussies taking out an eligible home loan and banking bundle with the big bank to receive 350,000 Rewards points, giving them the ability to unlock further financial support for their solar system purchase when redeemed on the bank’s renewable energy initiative.

The City to Surf Solar team is passionate about the benefits of harnessing solar energy and knows the more affordable it is – through solar grants in Geelong and similar initiatives – the more people will embrace it.

We’re proud to play our part when it comes to making clean energy easier to access for homeowners. Even if you don’t have the capital, we can help through Solar PV finance, which is backed by Green Energy Trading and Solar Finance Solutions ACL. So why not ask us for more information and a no-obligation quote and get the ball rolling?

With Solar PV finance, you can get fast pre-approval, can often watch the energy savings roll in from day one and can install straight away with no deposit. That’s right – no deposit.

As electricity prices continue to climb, it’s well worth investigating any incentive schemes that can help make converting to solar energy more affordable to you.

For information on initiatives and solar grants Geelong people can turn to our team. Please contact us at City to Surf Solar today.