Solar battery storage subsidy set to save solar homes more money

Solar battery storage subsidy set to save solar homes more money

Energy costs have climbed steadily for households in the region over recent years, making the switch to solar an easy choice for many.

And with the Andrews Government recently announcing a solar battery storage subsidy, solar is looking pretty hot right now.

The $40 million solar battery initiative is part of the government’s Solar Homes program, which is being delivered by Solar Victoria. The program kicks off from July 1, with rebates for up to 50 per cent of battery storage unit installation available for 10,000 households. To be eligible, households must already have installed solar panels and meet other criteria too.

The Andrews Government states home owners getting the subsidy will be able to save almost $4840 on battery installation. The government estimates it will trigger electricity bill savings of about $650 a year for homes with an average 11kWh battery.

At City to Surf Solar, we believe the role that solar batteries play in residential sectors will grow more and more important as time goes on. And we’re keen to help people across the region be part of the renewable energy action.

We have a range of the highest quality solar batteries on the market and we’re sure there’s a product that will meet your home’s needs.

From the Tesla Powerwall, that’s taken the market by storm since its introduction, to the LG solar battery options and the Enphase AC offering, we’ve got you covered when it comes to storing solar power for when the sun stops shining.

We are experienced and accredited installers of solar panels and batteries and are happy to offer professional advice on all things solar. You can also ask us about the recent solar battery storage subsidy too.

In a country like Australia, where the sun puts in a regular appearance, solar technology makes good sense and is being embraced by a growing number of home owners.

If you are interested in installing solar panels or batteries or want to know whether you are eligible for the solar battery storage subsidy, contact our experienced team today.