Solar loans and business green finance in Geelong

Solar loans and business green finance in Geelong

If you’re keen to embrace solar power for your home or business but don’t have the immediate finances, it’s worth considering solar loans available in Geelong to get the process started.

At City to Surf Solar+ we understand many individuals and businesses want to play a part in building a sustainable future, with solar energy and panel installations a positive step toward that goal. And while the passion is there, the start-up costs to install solar energy systems can put some people off.

That’s why we’ve joined forces with energy specialists to offer solar finance Geelong clients can trust to get them harnessing the sun’s rays at their home or business in no time and helping the environment.

We’ll provide commercial customers with a financing plan so they can install solar panels straight away and enjoy the positive savings from solar energy without the stress of upfront payments.

Our solar finance options in Geelong include –

  • Green loans, which feature fast pre-approval, loan terms of up to a decade and no deposit at all.
  • Commercial rental or lease, with swift online pre-approval, most transactions under $50,000 won’t require financials, no deposit needed and repayments are usually fully tax-deductible.

They’re great options that allow you to begin your solar energy journey swiftly. So what are you waiting for? Ask our experienced team to provide you with a no-obligation quote to kick-start the process.

For residential and commercial customers, switching to solar energy ticks boxes when it comes to social and environmental responsibility. And with the steady rise in energy bills in recent years it makes good business sense too. It allows commercial customers to reap energy savings for years to come, giving them the chance to reinvest those savings back into their business.

When it comes to solar loans Geelong businesses and individuals know they can count on the trusted team at City to Surf Solar+ for help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information. You can also view the video below for a presentation about solar loans and business green loans.