Reposit – enhancing your battery’s ‘brain power’ and solar savings in Geelong region homes

Reposit – enhancing your battery’s ‘brain power’ and solar savings in Geelong region homes

Plentiful free sunshine and high electricity bills makes embracing solar energy commonsense in Australia today.

But have you considered using cutting-edge Reposit technology to drive those solar savings in Geelong even further? When you add Reposit to the mix of solar power and battery storage, it’s like inviting a genius to your home to get the most out of your solar set up.

Put simply, Reposit solar technology in Geelong lifts the intelligence of your battery. This ‘energy broker’ technology learns about your energy use, predicts when you consume it and adapts accordingly to help you lower your bill.

And it does this in a range of ways including only connecting you to the grid when you absolutely have to or prices are cheapest, selling your excess power back when prices are at their peak and charging your battery at the most economical time. When the sun’s shining, Reposit will carry out the battery recharge using excess solar energy, giving you a reservoir of stored energy to use when needed.

With Reposit helping lower your bills, people will, on average, cut by half the length of time needed to pay for their battery. And you’ve got to love that. It also comes with a five-year warranty as standard.

At City to Surf Solar, we understand the real rewards that flow from using Reposit. Our expertly-trained team can efficiently set up the system at your home, with a Reposit box easily sharing space with the electricity meter in the residence’s switchbox.

You can also ask our team about Reposit’s role in helping you earn GridCredits to slash your energy costs even further.

So make the most of this great Reposit solar technology in Geelong and let it bump up your battery’s power to perform. By harnessing its intelligence, you’ll reap the rewards of lower power bills. Please contact us at City to Surf Solar for more information on this intelligent technology and our range of solar batteries.