Solar panel installer helps clients cut energy costs

Solar panel installer helps clients cut energy costs

Every energy expert worth their salt is tipping energy prices will continue their upward trend this year.

That means more pain come bill time and more stress on your overall finances. With all that bad news, there really is no better time to contact a professional solar panel installer than now and switch to the sun and solar panels.

City to Surf Solar are experts when it comes to installing solar panels, with the ability to complete both residential and commercial projects in a cost-effective manner. After installing more than 1000 systems, we have the experience and the knowledge to deliver a high-standard result every time.

So what is it about solar panels that makes them such a worthwhile investment? Well, apart from being a more sustainable option than traditional energy systems, they are guaranteed to save you money in the long term. Once the panels are in place, there are no on-going fees and the savings start rolling in. What’s not to like about that? You can even get reimbursed for power your system feeds back into the grid for others to use.

City to Surf Solar’s team can also make sure your power stays on during an outage with the help of a grid backup system.

When you decide to make the move to solar panels, it’s important your solar panel installer uses products that will stand the test of time. That’s why we recommend quality solar panels from respected manufacturers. We take that same approach when framing, using durable Hopergy framing products that are made of stainless steel and anodised aluminium and carry a 25-year warranty.

Our team is passionate about helping people harness the sun’s power so clients can soak up the financial and environmental benefits the technology brings. And we’re happy to help design and install solar power systems, both grid connected and stand alone, for residential and commercial clients.

If you want to know what solar panel option best suits your needs and budget, please contact us at City to Surf Solar and let our solar panel installers help reduce your energy bill-shock for years to come.