February 20, 2020

The Benefits of Solar

Solar power is a green renewable energy source that is getting cheaper and more cost effective to install. As non-renewable energy sources slowly rise in price and are held hostage to the rate fossil fuels and oils can be discovered and drilled. Solar power will remain an independent investment that’ll continue to reduce your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint. In a report from 2015 by Lawrence Berkeley National… Read More
February 13, 2020


Typically, Solar PV systems will take 3 to 5 years to pay off but adding solar batteries extends this period depending on the battery. To calculate how long they’ll take to pay themselves off you’ll need to consider the gross cost of the solar system, the value of up-front financial incentives such as Solar Rebates, your average monthly electricity usage and the estimated electricity generation your system is expected to… Read More
August 13, 2019

5 things to consider when choosing a solar power system for your home

More Aussie homeowners are looking for ways to save on their energy bills, and installing a solar power system is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to achieve that. Here are five things to consider when choosing a solar power system for your home: 1. The power needs of your home You can determine how much electricity you consume in your home through a quick study of your energy bills.… Read More
June 26, 2019

The solar installer for Geelong homes & businesses providing quality & affordability

As a Clean Energy Council approved solar retailer, City to Surf Solar are certified expert solar energy system installers for Geelong homes and businesses, with a 5 year warranty on all of our solar installations. Whilst we can install a range of systems from small two panel residential systems to large commercial ones, we can also provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision on solar… Read More
May 29, 2019

Why high-quality solar inverters are important for solar homes

For solar homes in solar inverters are a key part of turning sunshine into sustainable, useable power. Without them, the system doesn't work and the opportunity to take advantage of free power from the sun fades away. With the work this small crucial element in your solar power system performs, it's well worth making a sensible investment in a high-quality inverter that will perform at an optimum level for years.… Read More
April 30, 2019

Solar battery storage subsidy set to save solar homes more money

Energy costs have climbed steadily for households in the region over recent years, making the switch to solar an easy choice for many. And with the Andrews Government recently announcing a solar battery storage subsidy, solar is looking pretty hot right now. The $40 million solar battery initiative is part of the government's Solar Homes program, which is being delivered by Solar Victoria. The program kicks off from July 1,… Read More
February 28, 2019

The best solar batteries for your Geelong property

With the variety of solar batteries Geelong people can now select from, how do you know which product best suits the solar energy system at your home or business? City to Surf Solar's experienced team can help you navigate the selection of batteries until you find the one that ticks all the boxes when it comes to capacity, effectiveness and cost. Batteries are growing more popular every year as people… Read More
December 18, 2018

Geelong solar battery provider spurred on by potential government initiative

The team at City to Surf Solar were pleased to hear of Labor's recently proposed federal solar battery scheme that seeks to increase Australia's use of renewable energy, lower the power bills of home owners and lower air pollution, should they be elected in the next election. Solar batteries are very important for homes who want to be completely reliant on solar power, as the battery systems holds excess solar… Read More
November 30, 2018

High quality solar inverters powering Geelong homes and businesses

When it comes to solar power systems, people immediately picture a line-up of roof-top panels. But Geelong solar inverters - the quiet performers in each system - are an integral part of getting those photovoltaic arrays to deliver useable power to your business or home. Inverters do some pretty heavy lifting in properties across the region - converting direct current (DC) from the panels into alternating current (AC) to power fridges,… Read More
September 23, 2018

Do you qualify for solar panel rebates?

Victorian Government's announcement of the Solar Homes Rebate reopening July 1st 2019. At City to Surf Solar, we're excited about this, it's put solar power in the public spotlight and it's sparked a real buzz across the state. We think solar panel systems and rebates are great news for families wanting to switch to the sun and save on their energy bills. The government scheme makes solar panels even more affordable… Read More