McHarry’s Buslines – 98.16kW

McHarry’s Buslines – 98.16kW

Sustainability with Confidence

For many businesses, installing solar power could be used as a way for companies to promote themselves as an organisation contributing towards a more sustainable future.

A recent example of a local business taking this positive step is McHarry’s Buslines in Breakwater, where City to Surf Solar+ installed a 98.16kW solar power system in March 2016.

Installing solar made sense for the company as it ticked all of the ‘triple bottom line’ boxes – financial benefit, environmental benefit and social benefit to the local community.

The company chose City to Surf Solar+ to install their solar power system due to locality and reputation, as a number of the company’s employees had previously purchased domestic solar systems through them and were satisfied with their work.

This is a great example of businesses in Geelong doing their part for the environment.


The following article appeared in the Geelong News on 11th May, 2016, the Geelong Echo on 12th May, 2016, as well as the Geelong Advertiser on 16th May, 2016, and details the advantages of a commercial solar installation, as well as the many immediate and long-term benefits McHarry’s Buslines can expect to see by choosing to install solar.