Is your solar system working properly?

Is your solar system working properly?

After you’ve invested hard-earned money to install solar panels on your Geelong home or business, it makes sense to ensure the system is working correctly.

And the first thing to do is turn to your solar system’s inverter for answers. This trusty device, which converts solar power from DC into AC electricity, is your information hub when it comes to performance. A green light and a screen free of “error” messages are the signals you look for to indicate power is being generated.

But don’t be put off by a flashing light at opposite ends of the day. When the inverter starts its work in the morning and when it shuts up shop at night, it is perfectly normal for the light to pulse. In fact, it can also flash on extremely overcast, gloomy days, so don’t panic.

To check the efficiency of solar panels Geelong people should haul out their solar power system’s operating manual and check the performance estimate figures. Now turn to that system data hub again – the inverter. You can easily discover how many kilowatt hours (kWh) have been produced over your system’s working life by inspecting the inverter’s E-total reading.

And then it’s time to get your maths brain working and compare numbers – checking for discrepancies between the manual’s estimate and the inverter’s reading. If, after comparison, there’s a big variation, it’s time to talk to the experts at City to Surf Solar for advice.

Reasons for major discrepancies can include the panels being shaded and degrading of the solar panels.

Because you’ve spent a considerable amount of money to install solar panels, it makes good sense to maintain them regularly so they perform efficiently. Clean them every six to 12 months to remove a build up of dirt, dust, pollution, moss and, if you live near the coast, salt residue.

It’s also comforting to know that the friendly team at City to Surf Solar is just a call away if you need help with solar panels in Geelong. We offer a complete maintenance service for solar power systems, keeping all components in top condition and working well. Please contact us for more information. We are happy to help.