Discover the Sanden Eco® Hot Water Heat Pump System.

Forget solar hot water. The most energy efficient water heating system is a Sanden Eco Heat Pump System, coupled with Solar PV to power it. The heat pump uses approximately 4kWh/day which equates to roughly 1kW of Solar PV. It includes a timer, so you can have the pump begin heating your water when your PV system kicks in. Imagine – free hot water!

How does the Sanden Eco® Hot Water Heat Pump System work?

The Sanden Eco® Hot Water Heat Pump System works in a different way compared to a conventional electric hot water system. The Sanden Eco® Hot Water Heat Pump System operates like a refrigerator in reverse. It contains a fan that forces air through an evaporator that contains a refrigerant. The heat in the air passes through the evaporator and is absorbed by a natural refrigerant, R744 (CO2), which is ozone friendly and does not contribute to global warming.

The warm gaseous refrigerant is circulated in the system via a compressor. As it passes through the compressor, its pressure rises, as does its temperature. This hot refrigerant then passes through a heat exchanger to heat the water, which is finally pumped to the storage tank.

Performance & Savings

The Sanden “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System delivers:

• Industry leading energy efficiency – uses only 22% of the energy required by an electric storage hot water system.

• Innovative technology – up to 50% faster heat recovery than currently available hot water heat pumps.

• Industry leading quality & performance, with the highest level of STC values of currently available hot water heat pumps.

• Class leading warranties, backed by Sanden’s 30 years of operation in Australia.

As the Sanden “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System uses R744 (CO2) refrigerant technology, the amount of electrical energy required to heat the water is significantly less than that required by a conventional electric hot water system.

In fact, the Sanden “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System consumes 1kW of electricity to generate 4.5 kW of heat (COP = 4.5*), which equates to 22% of the energy used by a conventional electric system. Consequently, with the Sanden “Eco” Hot Water Heat Pump System, you can save up to 78% of your conventional electric hot water energy costs! When considering that further electricity price hikes are inevitable, it becomes the best, financially sustainable option on the market.

Less energy, less impact on the environment, more savings.

Environmentally Friendly Hot Water

As an environmentally advanced product, it is also affordable. The system is ranked alongside solar energy in terms of environmental friendliness and as such it is eligible for rebates and other government incentives. It offers the highest level of Small scale Technology Certificates (STCs) of any hot water heat pump system, saving you hundreds at the outset.

Easy Hot Water System Installation

The Sanden “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System is supplied as two separate components;

1. Heat Pump Unit and

2. Stainless Steel Storage Tank.

This allows easy on-site handling and installation, as well as flexibility of the storage tank location, up to 4 metres distance from the Heat Pump Unit. The system is suitable for a family of 3-6 people.

Heat Pump Unit

• A high Coefficient of Performance (COP=4.5^) results in significantly reduced energy use and CO2 emissions

• Up to 50% faster heat recovery than typical heat pumps. In ambient air of 20 ºC it takes approx 4 hours to heat 315 L of water from 17 ºC to 65 ºC

• Uses unique Ozone friendly R744 (CO2) refrigerant

• Simple installation by Plumber & Electrician, with no Refrigeration Mechanic required

• An automatic heating cycle, which makes it perfect for use with off-peak power

• Fitted with in-built freeze protection, making it suitable for all climates (-10 ºC to +43 ºC)

• No backup element required

• Whisper quiet operation, with industry leading noise level of 38 dB – very neighbour friendly!

• High quality, weather resistant construction for outdoor location

• 3 year Warranty

Stainless Steel Tank

• High quality, Australian made extra long life stainless steel cylinder

• Fully insulated for minimal heat loss

• Mains pressure rated

• 315 litre Tank with two installation options (tall with a reduced diameter or short with an increased diameter)

• Also available with 160L and 250L tanks

• Safety pressure and temperature relief valve

• 15 year Warranty

‘Whisper-quiet hot water’

When purchasing a hot water heat pump, noise levels are an important consideration. Sanden’s extensive research has delivered a ‘whisper quiet’ operating noise level (38dB)that ensures both you and your neighbours’ lifestyles remains unaffected by its operation.

What size heat pump do I need?

The Sanden Eco® Hot Water Heat Pump system is now available with 160L and 250L tanks, in addition to the current 315L Tall and Short tanks. So, you can choose from 4 tanks, each to be combined with the Sanden Eco® Heat Pump unit, as follows:-

Tank size/shape No. of persons using hot water Typical dwelling type Suitable for Off-peak & Continuous tariffs? STC rebates available?
160L 1-2 Units / Townhouses Continuous only Yes
250L 2-4 Residential Both Yes
315L Tall 3-6 Residential Both Yes
315L Short 3-6 Residential Both Yes


The Sanden “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System has a 3 year warranty. The Stainless Steel Storage Tank has a class leading 15 year warranty, providing you with peace of mind when installing your Sanden “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System.

About Sanden

Sanden is a Japanese-owned global business, which has earned a solid reputation as a leader in the field of heating and cooling technology. Our focus is to improve the living standards of all Australians, via the development of environmentally-advanced products.

Sanden has more than 50 years’ experience in the production and global supply of air conditioning compressors. It has applied this advanced understanding of heat transfer technologies to the home environment, resulting in the development of the Sanden “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System. This highly innovative hot water system is manufactured in-house at Sanden’s ‘state-of-the-art’ factories in Japan.



Solar is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways to produce electricity.

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