Geelong people can join the solar power push

Geelong people can join the solar power push

The City to Surf Solar team has been watching the recent alternative energy news out of South Australia with interest.

Tech billionaire Elon Musk’s Tesla company hit its 100-day target to deliver a giant lithium ion battery to support the state’s power grid.

Then the SA Government announced last month it planned to create the world’s biggest virtual power plant by using the combined resources of more than 50,000 residential solar and battery systems across the state.

Well, we love seeing governments and companies recognising the advantages that alternative energy including solar power can bring to both the power grid, residents and business owners.

And we are hoping that private homes and businesses in Victoria, and the state’s leaders, follows the SA example.

Our experienced team at City to Surf Solar is passionate about the benefits that solar power systems, including batteries to store the energy, can bring to people across Victoria. When it comes to commercial solar power Geelong businesses can significantly reduce their energy bills, future proof their company from escalating price rises and reduce their carbon footprint by switching to solar.

It’s a similar scenario for residential homes, with solar a long-term winner for the environment and the wallet.

So how do you start down the solar path? The first step is to contact our City to Surf Solar team. We can design, supply, install and maintain a quality solar energy system for your premises, ensuring you get the best outcomes possible.

For commercial solar power Geelong clients can rest assured we provide a thorough site investigation and feasibility study using their electricity use and rates data before tailoring a system design to the individual needs of their business. With more than 1000 regional installations under our belt, we’ve got the experience to carry out a commercial project of any size.

It’s also worth talking to us about technology advances in batteries to store energy from your solar power system. We can supply and install a variety of battery options.

If you are interested in commercial solar power in Geelong or want to install solar panels on your home’s roof, please contact City to Surf Solar for more information. We are passionate about solar power and its many advantages. And we’re here to help.