High quality solar inverters powering Geelong homes and businesses

High quality solar inverters powering Geelong homes and businesses

When it comes to solar power systems, people immediately picture a line-up of roof-top panels.

But Geelong solar inverters – the quiet performers in each system – are an integral part of getting those photovoltaic arrays to deliver useable power to your business or home.

Inverters do some pretty heavy lifting in properties across the region – converting direct current (DC) from the panels into alternating current (AC) to power fridges, computers, air conditioners and lights. Inverters also make it possible to feed power into the grid network.

At City to Surf Solar, we know how important a solar inverter is to the success of your solar power system. That’s why we make sure the inverters we supply to clients are high quality and sourced from trusted brands worldwide.

We sell four different types of solar inverters and we know they are all proven performers that get the job done efficiently.

German company SMA, the largest producer of solar inverters across the globe, offers units with intelligent system management that monitors yield and has grid management capabilities. They can also give you the ability to monitor your solar energy output via Bluetooth from your PC.

We also supply award-winning inverters from Austrian company Fronius. Zeversolar’s small, lightweight and highly efficient inverters and Enphase Microinverters are also part of our line up of high-quality inverters.

So what should you look for when selecting Geelong solar inverters for your home or business? Firstly, make sure the inverter meets the necessary Australian Standard. Other factors to consider include ensuring it is the right size for your solar power system and checking that it is a quality unit that’s durable and comes with a good warranty.

At City to Surf Solar, our team is happy to offer advice about the best inverters for your solar system. We are specialists in the solar power industry and we’re here to help.

For households and businesses using solar power in Geelong, solar inverters are crucial for converting the sun’s harnessed energy to run electrical systems and appliances in residences and businesses. Please contact our team today for more information.