Geelong solar battery provider spurred on by potential government initiative

Geelong solar battery provider spurred on by potential government initiative

The team at City to Surf Solar were pleased to hear of Labor’s recently proposed federal solar battery scheme that seeks to increase Australia’s use of renewable energy, lower the power bills of home owners and lower air pollution, should they be elected in the next election.

Solar batteries are very important for homes who want to be completely reliant on solar power, as the battery systems holds excess solar power in reserve for use when the sun is no longer shining.

The scheme proposed by Labor aims to bring solar powered battery systems to one million homes nation-wide by 2025. This scheme is important for people with solar panels installed on their homes, because although Australia has one of the most suitable climates in the world for solar power, many homes are still reliant on battery systems to provide solar energy year-round.

This is a necessary step in order for Australian homes to achieve complete reliance on renewable energy sources. And the team at City to Surf Solar are excited to potentially be able to install many of our high-quality solar battery systems at Geelong homes at little to no cost to home owners. With the subsidy being for $2,000 with any outstanding costs available to be made on a low cost finance plan.

Whether the proposed federal solar energy scheme goes ahead or not, it’s still a great idea for solar panel owners to consider installing a solar battery system, in order for you to have solar energy available year-round and have dramatically reduce power bills.

City to Surf Solar has a range of battery systems available, no matter what your solar system’s requirements are, we have a battery system to suit your needs, including the Tesla Powerwall system.

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