Geelong power backup system a real advantage

Geelong power backup system a real advantage

Regular power outages coupled with steep price increases for electricity make switching to solar energy more attractive than ever.

And when the power grid shuts down in your area, it can be a real inconvenience for homes and a costly hit for businesses. So it makes sense to consider adding a Geelong power backup system, based on batteries, to the mix.

We rely on power so much in our daily lives – think refrigerators, lighting, computers, cooling and heating- and our productivity can be hit hard when outages occur.

This region is no stranger to power outages. Many homes on the Bellarine Peninsula kicked of the New Year without power due to damage by strong winds. And Geelong businesses have also experienced prolonged power cuts, resulting in an inability to trade successfully during grid failure.

So don’t wait to become a victim of electricity outage. Get on the front foot and talk to City to Surf Solar about installing a power backup system in Geelong. As solar experts, we know a backup system gives clients peace of mind that if grid failure occurs, stored power will see them through. You’ll be able to keep keep on trading in your business or running the fridge in your home until mains power returns.

Batteries are central to a successful power backup system in Geelong and further afield. These systems rely on batteries to store energy for drawing on if the grid falters. You can also use the battery technology to power your residence when the grid is working, as a way to avoid paying for power at peak rates.

And as battery technology continues its fast rate of advancement, these systems are likely to become more and more popular as time goes on. They’re the way of the future and can keep you switched on when the grid switches off.

If you would like to know more about our Geelong power backup system and our solar panel installations, please contact us at City to Surf Solar today.