Are there any Government rebates still available for solar power?

The current STC scheme is not a rebate as such, but it will provide you with an upfront discount on your solar power system. STCs are a Federal Government scheme.

The State Government pays you for excess electricity that is sent back to the grid. You can read more on our STCs and Feed-In Tariffs page.

How long can I expect my solar system to last?

The majority of panels are guaranteed to be producing a minimum of 80% of their original output after 25 years; therefore you can expect your solar panels to last at least 25 years+. inverters generally have a 10 – 15 year lifespan so you may have to allow for one inverter replacement during the lifetime of your system.

How long will it take to pay for itself?

The average payback period is between five to six years and varies depending on your usage patterns. City to Surf Solar+ can tailor a financial report unique to your situation to show you your expected savings, payback period and return of investment. Visit the what size system for me? page to enter your details for your personalised financial statement.

Once installed, is there any maintenance required on my system?

Regular maintenance will ensure your system is always working to its full potential. If you do not feel comfortable getting on your roof to clean the panels yourself, City to Surf Solar+ offer a maintenance schedule where we clean down your panels and check that all other components of your system are in good working order.

What is the metering process following my installation?

Following the installation of your solar power system, we organise an inspection of your system from an independent ESV Electrical Inspector who will issue us with a Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES). We then send a copy of your CES to Powercor via their eConnect system which will arrange for your smart meter to be re-configured for solar. Powercor will contact your retailer to inform them that you have a solar system installed now. If we have your mobile phone number, you will receive an SMS from Powercor about the status of your job.

• Once your retailer receives the notification from Powercor, your retailer should contact you to arrange your feed-in tariff.

• Once you retailer has the required permission from yourself, they will send a Service Order number to Powercor, and Powercor will re-configure your meter. If we have your mobile number, you will receive an SMS from Powercor when the work is completed.

Customers should peruse the following website so you can be fully informed regarding solar power and feed-in tariffs:

Can I power my Air Conditioner with solar power?

Now that there is a shift away from gas to renewables there are a few new products labelled Solar Air Conditioning. Through our own testing, rather than an independent system with a solar component tacked on we have proven that a regular high efficiency air conditioner coupled with solar PV, whether you are seeking to introduce air conditioning or you already have it, incorporating PV to offset or increasing the system size is the most efficient and cost effective counterbalance for that method of cooling or heating.

Can I use solar power to power my electric hot water system?

Currently there are a few options available with regard to powering your electric hot water:

• Off peak – timed by your meter

• All day – using excessive amounts of electricity

• Via a timer – giving control of when your water heats up back to you.

If you have solar power you can utilise this to offset your water heating costs by controlling when you heat your water. Maximum control can be obtained through a combination of equipment to increase the benefit of solar power. This means that through the flick of a switch you can alternate between predetermined periods of day or night time water heating. This takes advantage of spells of prolonged good weather to pay for your water heat so that you don’t have to. You also have the power to switch back to night time heating during times of less than ideal weather.

Will my solar power system store power?

To be able to store power you need a grid back-up system. As well as the usual components, a grid back-up system also includes batteries and a back-up unit. Currently the high costs of the batteries makes grid back-up cost prohibitive for most households. Over time, however, these costs will come down and grid back-up will become more affordable for the average household. We will keep you updated with any changes on our news page.

For more on City to Surf Solar+ see our about us page. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.



Solar is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways to produce electricity.

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