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Community and Schools Solar Power

Free Community Solar

City to Surf Solar+ have been involved with numerous school and community groups over the last five years and have realised the importance of people having an involvement in their local community. We endeavour to give back to those communities that have supported us in the best way that we can have an impact, and that is by providing them with free clean power to alleviate ongoing costs to non-profit organisations.

We offer a free community solar program for any school, community group, club or association that works towards improving the quality of life for the community.

With a Bulk Buy or Solar Neighbourhood, all you need is a group of people interested in solar power. We hold free seminars to help people understand renewable energy, government rebates and the issues with quality and safety in our industry. We also perform free home assessments for anyone involved.

How it works

  1. We advertise and market the City to Surf Solar+ community bulk buy for your School, Club or Community Centre;
  2. We schedule a seminar for everyone who has shown interest in the bulk buy to teach them the reality of Solar Power, what to expect and what to avoid;
  3. We go to each individual home and do a free home assessment to find the best system suitable for their requirements and budget;
  4. Once the systems have been installed we will install a system at 10% of the total of all systems installed at your School, Club or Community Centre. For example, if the bulk buy totals 50kW worth of systems, the group is entitled to a free 5kW system. Instead of the solar system installed at the community centre we can auction it off at a function to raise money for your organisation or for your favourite charity.

What are you required to do?

  • We would require your organisation to supply a room for the Seminar;
  • Spread the word of free electricity and saving the planet;
  • Nothing else, just let City to Surf Solar+ handle the rest.

Community and Schools Projects

See our latest solar projects in the community and schools around the Geelong region. Helping make our region cleaner and greener now and for future generations.

Read more about Community and Schools Projects

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