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WMC Accounting – 31.98kW

WMC Accounting chose City to Surf Solar+ to install their 31.98kW solar power system at their business premises in Geelong CBD in April, 2016.

A key factor in deciding to install solar was being seen as an environmentally responsible company who practices sustainable solutions for the future, as this is important to their clients, staff and other stakeholders. The benefits in terms of costs the company can save on their energy bills is another positive aspect to installing solar, which WMC Accounting will continue to experience in the long-term.

WMC Accounting trusted City to Surf Solar+ to install their system because of their experience in the industry and reputation for using quality panels.

It is wonderful to see another local Geelong company experience the benefits of renewable energy as a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly approach to power.


McHarry’s Buslines – 98.16kW

Sustainability with Confidence

For many businesses, installing solar power could be used as a way for companies to promote themselves as an organisation contributing towards a more sustainable future.

A recent example of a local business taking this positive step is McHarry’s Buslines in Breakwater, where City to Surf Solar+ installed a 98.16kW solar power system in March 2016.

Installing solar made sense for the company as it ticked all of the ‘triple bottom line’ boxes – financial benefit, environmental benefit and social benefit to the local community.

The company chose City to Surf Solar+ to install their solar power system due to locality and reputation, as a number of the company’s employees had previously purchased domestic solar systems through them and were satisfied with their work.

This is a great example of businesses in Geelong doing their part for the environment.


The following article appeared in the Geelong News on 11th May, 2016, the Geelong Echo on 12th May, 2016, as well as the Geelong Advertiser on 16th May, 2016, and details the advantages of a commercial solar installation, as well as the many immediate and long-term benefits McHarry’s Buslines can expect to see by choosing to install solar.


Seeing Green at 13th Beach Golf Links

City to Surf Solar+ recently installed a 60kW solar power system at Thirteenth Beach Golf Links. They are using some of the power they are generating to charge up their electric golf carts as part of their Green Carts initiative. Well done Thirteenth Beach for leading the way. The following article about the Green Carts Initiative appeared in The Bellarine Times on 16th April, 2015.

13th Beach Bellarine Times 16 April

Barwon Heads Golf Club – 30kW

An extra ‘green’ for Barwon Heads Golf Club.

City to Surf Solar+ have just installed a 30kW solar PV system at the prestigious Barwon Heads Golf Club. The system is located on the Club’s maintenance shed and is helping to offset the huge costs involved in maintaining the immaculate grounds. The Club is proud to be one of the first sporting organisations in the region to install a PV system.


Belmont Bowls Club – 20kW

The 20kW solar power system recently installed at Belmont Bowls Club by City to Surf Solar+ was officially “switched on” on Friday 10th October 2014 by the deputy mayor of Geelong, Cr Bruce Harwood. The system was funded by a grant from the Geelong City Council.

Belmont Bowls unveiling Belmont Bowls switching on Belmont Bowls 20kW

Metaland Breakwater – 30kW

Installed October 2014.

Metaland, a metal fabrication business in Breakwater, have just had a 30kW solar power system installed by City to Surf Solar+. Manager of Metaland, Don Seach made the decision to install solar power to help the company dramatically reduce their electricity bills and to reduce their impact on the environment. The system comprises of 120 x 250W solar panels and 2 x 15kW inverters.

Metaland 30kW

Business Technology Specialists (BTS) – 8.16kW

Business Technology Specialists in Newtown installed an 8.16kW PV system earlier this year to help combat their ever-increasing electricity bills. The system comprises 34 solar panels with a 12kW German SMA inverter meaning BTS have the capability to install an additional 4kW in the future.


Arthur Reed Photos – 30kW

If you have driven down Marshalltown Rd in Grovedale recently, you would have noticed the very long rows of solar panels on the roof of Arthur Reed Photos, who recently had a 30kW solar power system installed by City to Surf Solar+. Arthur Reed Photos will begin to see the benefits immediately, with the system offsetting their electricity bills by approximately 110kWh/day, or around a third of their consumption. Installing the system now also means that they are future-proofing themselves against inevitable electricity price rises. Contact us to find out about future-proofing your business.


Abervale Retirement Village – 75kW

  • City to Surf Solar+ recently installed a whopping 75kW solar system at Abervale Retirement Village in Grovedale including 50kW on community buildings within the village, making it the largest commercial solar power installation in the Geelong region and saving around $820,000 over a 25 year period.
  • A 50kW solar PV system will produce around 66,000kWh/year and reduce carbon emissions by around 85 tonnes, which could be considered the equivalent to keeping 60 cars off the road for a year. In terms of savings, a 50kW system could run a medium sized business.
Abervale Grovedale

We Manage IT / Host Geek Building

Local Geelong IT companies We Manage IT and Host Geek approached City to Surf Solar+ at the end of 2013 looking for a solution to reduce their electricity bills and their carbon footprint. The ideal scenario was a combination of LED lighting and a solar PV system for their Latrobe Terrace building.

Firstly City to Surf Solar+ carried out a retrofit of the building’s existing halogen down lights, replacing them with energy efficient LED down lights. The LED down lights will reduce electricity consumption by approximately 70-80% compared to the halogen lights. Also with the longer life span (LEDs – 30,000 hours,  halogens – 7,000 hours), the companies can expect to save $$$ on replacement globes, not to mention less waste going to landfill.

After the LED retrofit came the installation of a 5.875kW commercial solar power system. This will have a huge impact on their bills, especially with the amount of electronic/IT equipment both companies have running. WMIT and Host Geek decided to use our leasing option, Energy Smart Finance to fund their system, rather that have any upfront costs. This way the savings that they make on their electricity bills will help to cover the monthly leasing repayments and they will own the system after five years, which is roughly when the system will have paid for itself.

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Solar is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways to produce electricity.

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