The LG Chem RESU – Residential Energy Storage Unit

The old saying is that good things come in small packages and that’s precisely the case with the latest LG Chem battery for homes. The LG Chem RESU –  Residential Energy Storage Unit – is another preferred product of City to Surf Solar. The LG Chem RESU rounds out our favourite solar battery storage options.

LG Chem RESU batteries are available in capacities ranging from 3.3kWh to 9.8kWh. They can be installed inside or outside and need a hybrid solar inverter such as a SolaX or SMA Sunny Storage to operate. Our LG battery storage installers can retrofit the LG Chem RESU battery and inverters to any existing solar PV system and RESU batteries have a conditional seven-year warranty. Simpler inverter connections on this new LG battery storage help cut the time required to install the units, and their cost.

Powerful performance is a feature of the LG Chem battery and it comes with some of the best round-trip power efficiency in the business, with research suggesting it will retain 80 percent of its power capacity a decade after installation. We know most homes will use the RESU well below its continual power output capacity and this will help extend its life.

The LG Chem battery available to you is one of the quiet achievers in the solar storage industry and our investigations show this little LG battery storage package might figure in almost 50 percent of Australia’s grid-connected household battery installations. The Tesla Powerwall might have captured the media attention but LG’s solar battery has been quietly achieving without the headlines.

At City to Surf Solar, we believe strongly in back-up support and our reputation depends on products performing and, on those rare occasions when things go wrong, the ability to seamlessly repair or replace components that are not working to capacity. Home owners can rest assured that LT solar battery installations by City to Surf Solar come with our industry-leading back-up and the impressive RESU warranty. The RESUS warranty promises that if the LG Chem One cannot retain its capacity then LG will replace it or, should the model be out of production, provide financial compensation on a scale relevant to the age of the system.

We could write hundreds, if not thousands, more words about the features and performance of the LG Chem RESU solar battery but our best advice is to contact City to Surf Solar and ask the questions you want answered about the LG Chem battery range.

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