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Australia ranks well inside the top 10 countries in the world for its capacity to generate solar power, which is no doubt why well-respected organisations such as the Alternative Technology Association say an Australian electricity grid based on fully renewable energy is ultimately achievable.

But while a nation-wide fully renewable power grid might be the objective in the future, batteries are and will remain crucial to the storage of solar power when the sun is not shining.

City to Surf Solar provides a variety of battery options for solar power storage, including the Telsa Powerwall 2, which has transformed power storage internationally, LG battery storage options and Enphase battery storage.

Please contact City to Surf Solar to discuss solar power battery options for your home or business.

Enphase Solar Batteries

Batteries are the obvious solution to solar power storage – but not just any batteries. Solar storage batteries have to be easy to install, affordable, reliable and, above all, safe. The Enphase AC solar battery now available to Geelong district premises ticks all those boxes and City to Surf Solar  has no hesitation recommending the Enphase AC…

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LG Solar Batteries

The LG Chem RESU – Residential Energy Storage Unit The old saying is that good things come in small packages and that’s precisely the case with the latest LG Chem battery for Geelong homes. The LG Chem RESU –  Residential Energy Storage Unit – is another preferred product of City to Surf Solar. Together with…

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Tesla Powerwall

Authorised Geelong Tesla Powerwall 2 Installer Tesla has emerged as the big name in home energy storage and City to Surf Solar is the team to talk to for the Tesla Powerwall 2 in Geelong and district. A relative newcomer to energy storage, Tesla launched its Powerwall in 2015 and followed up with the Tesla Powerwall…

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