• We are 100 per cent locally owned and operated;
  • Our professional and experienced team have installed over a thousand systems throughout the region;
  • We assist you with all your paperwork to minimise the hassles;
  • We have an interactive showroom;
  • We have referral and community solar programs for our customers and community organisations to make solar power even more affordable and better value;
  • Finance options available including a payment plan option for residential solar and a leasing option for commercial solar.

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All of our products have been thoroughly tested in real life conditions and have the backing of local support so that should you have any future issues they can be dealt with swiftly.

Our work is done in-house so you know who you are dealing with. Our staff consist of fully qualified electricians and solar installers and have extensive experience. We believe in employing and training and developing young people and are proud to have apprentices as part of our team.


We have products to suit any budget and the know-how to assist you to make the right choices. Whether over the phone or in the showroom it is important for us to assist you to establish eligibility of the main factors of solar suitability for your property:

  • Adequate roof space to fit your panels comfortably away from potential shading or obstructions;
  • Feasibility of expectations – As with most people the expectation is to aim for a solar power system that will cover their electricity bills. If the expectation was to cover half because of budgetary constraints then a system size for those expectations can be offered;
  • Budget.

To establish early on what system size would suit best, we ask for information from your power bill to get an idea of your energy consumption, so it is important to have this when making an enquiry (see – what size system for me?).

Once we have established the most appropriate scenario/s, we can give a more accurate estimate of pricing. Especially locally, we believe that we can match like for like with comparable products and service for your own peace of mind that you are getting the best value possible and that you are getting the job done locally through a reputable company that prides itself on quality assurance and customer service.

Once comfortable with the estimated system price, our qualified/experienced staff will attend a site inspection to identify all the specifics of the installation and answer and other questions you may have. Once completed, the formal quote is provided so that there are no hidden surprises of costs on the day of installation.

Our modest lead times ensure that once you have paid your deposit you can expect us to return for installation within two to four weeks, so that you can start generating your own electricity and know that all the relevant paperwork in regards to network connection and metering are all taken care of by us.


It is crucial that our customers understand the design, installation and power production of their solar power investment. If you are looking to install solar power we make sure the system is designed to suit your power usage, the building, and to take advantage of any state or federal rebates/tariffs.

When we attend your property for an assessment we design a solar power system best suited to your needs and can provide you with:

  • Expected power outcomes;
  • Exact pricing of the complete system with no hidden surprises;
  • Options to monitor your system.

Our easy to read analysis will display the outcomes of our design with accurate and competitive pricing.

During your assessment our team member can advise you on current government rebates, the quality of equipment on the market and the best method of installation.

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