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Loyalty Program

City to Surf Solar+ is proud to launch our new Referrer Loyalty Program

Customers who have had one of our solar power systems installed, are now able to participate in our new loyalty program to bring solar power to many more families, businesses and community organisations around the Geelong region.

In these times of increasing electricity costs and environmental awareness, we all know that installing a solar power system will not only reduce your electricity bills, but it will also contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and add value to your home.

What are the benefits of the program?

As a loyal referrer, our customers will receive either a $50 or $100 Faggs Mitre 10 gift voucher, or we will make a $50 or $100 donation to a registered charity, sporting club or community organisation of their choice. For systems between 1.5kW and 4kW, the $50 amount applies. For systems over 4kW, the $100 amount applies.

What about the friend, family member or work colleague who is referred?

Friends, family members and work colleagues that are referred by our customers will also receive a direct benefit in the form of a discount off the cost of their system – $100 for systems between 1.5kW and 4kW, and $200 for systems over 4kW.

How to participate

It’s easy for our customers to participate in our program – simply contact us on 1300 348 847. You can view all of our program terms and conditions (presented as frequently asked questions) below.

As a proud, locally owned and operated business, City to Surf Solar+ hopes that you will help us to help you, your friends, family and work colleagues and the environment that we all share.

City to Surf Solar+ Referrer Loyalty Program

Terms and Conditions

Our aim is to keep the terms and conditions associated with our Referrer Loyalty Program simple. Rather than being a legalistic document, we have structured our terms and conditions as frequently asked questions.

How do I refer a friend, family member or work colleague to City to Surf Solar?

Simply provide details of you and your referees name, telephone number and email address to us via an email, our website ‘Contact Us’ page or by calling us on 1300 348 847.  Please make sure you let your friend, family member or work colleague know that you are referring them as we don’t wish to upset anyone with what they may perceive as a ‘cold call’ – that’s not how we operate.

How do I redeem my reward?

After we have installed the solar power system and the final payment has been made, we will contact you to ask which reward you would like.  If you choose the Faggs Mitre 10 Gift Voucher reward we will either post or deliver the voucher to you (if we deliver to you, we would like to take a photo of you receiving the reward and we would then like to post this photo on our Facebook page).  If you choose to donate to a Registered Charity, Sporting Club or Community Organisation (that is an Incorporated Association), then we will obtain these details from you, make the donation and provide you with a receipt as proof that the donation has been made.

What will you do with the details that are provided to City to Surf Solar?

After we have received advice from the referee that they do or do not wish to proceed with the installation of a City to Surf Solar system, we will ask them whether they would like to stay on our database to receive regular newsletters and future special offers.  They (or you) can ‘opt out’ at anytime by responding with an ‘unsubscribe’ message by reply email

Where can I redeem my Faggs Mitre 10 Gift Voucher?

Your Faggs Mitre 10 Gift Voucher is redeemable at the South Geelong, North Geelong or Wallington Faggs Mitre 10 stores.

If you have any other queries about the Program, please contact us.

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