5 things to consider when choosing a solar power system for your home

5 things to consider when choosing a solar power system for your home

More Aussie homeowners are looking for ways to save on their energy bills, and installing a solar power system is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to achieve that. Here are five things to consider when choosing a solar power system for your home:

1. The power needs of your home

You can determine how much electricity you consume in your home through a quick study of your energy bills. Remember that a solar cell can produce an average of 0.5 volts and generally, a solar panel may consist of 36-72 cells. Therefore, it will be easy to estimate the kind of solar power system you will need for your daily, monthly, or yearly consumption.

2. The amount of sunlight your home receives

Your roof structure, the direction it faces, and other factors like tree shade can significantly affect how much sunlight your solar panels will receive. Even with good sunlight throughout the day, huge trees can prevent your solar system from maximising its potential. However, highly efficient solar system models can work better in lowlight environments.

3. The age and longevity of your roof

Solar panels are highly durable and can last up to 30 years or more. Therefore, your roof needs to be in excellent condition because it can be expensive and challenging to remove and reinstall solar panels to replace and repair damaged roofs. You better carry out all the repairs or replacements before the installation of the solar power system.

4. Costs

The net cost of installing a solar power system can reduce significantly if you take advantage of available rebates. Additionally, your supplier can outline for you all the possible options that fall within your budget and suit the unique needs of your home. Avoid going for what is popular.

5. Support from experienced and knowledgeable solar experts

You want to work with a company that has knowledge and experience to help you with the maintenance and repairs throughout the warranty period. Do your research online and engage with a reputable company.

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