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Yearly Archive: 2017

December 21 2017

Geelong solar power project at St Joseph’s College

At City to Surf Solar, we love getting our teeth into an exciting new Geelong solar power project. And that’s just what we’ve done at St Joseph’s College in Newtown. The boys’ college wanted to harness the power of the sun and our experienced team delivered an 88kW solar system to achieve the aim. The…

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September 26 2017

Is your solar system working properly?

After you’ve invested hard-earned money to install solar panels on your Geelong home or business, it makes sense to ensure the system is working correctly. And the first thing to do is turn to your solar system’s inverter for answers. This trusty device, which converts solar power from DC into AC electricity, is your information…

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July 31 2017

Reposit – enhancing your battery’s ‘brain power’ and solar savings in Geelong region homes

Plentiful free sunshine and high electricity bills makes embracing solar energy commonsense in Australia today. But have you considered using cutting-edge Reposit technology to drive those solar savings in Geelong even further? When you add Reposit to the mix of solar power and battery storage, it’s like inviting a genius to your home to get…

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June 29 2017

Solar loans and business green finance in Geelong

If you’re keen to embrace solar power for your home or business but don’t have the immediate finances, it’s worth considering solar loans available in Geelong to get the process started. At City to Surf Solar+ we understand many individuals and businesses want to play a part in building a sustainable future, with solar energy…

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